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My name is Fenimore Love and I am a software developer and data engineer Deloitte Digital previously at Magnetic in New York City and before that, a participant at The Recurse Center . This website showcases some small and large personal projects I've worked on over the years. It has become an eclectic mix of applications, libraries, and experiments. You can find most everything, and other work, on Github @fenimore.

You can reach me by the usual channels, and my corner of the internet is timenotclocks.com.

This website is written with Vue.js


Languages Go, Python, Java, PHP, Bash, Ruby, C++, Rust
Distributed Systems Hadoop, SparkSQL, Kafka, AWS, Luigi
Frameworks Django, Flask, D3, Android, Bootstrap, libgdx, Arduino
Databases MySQL, SQLite, PostgresSQL, BoltDB, Redis
Tools Git, Unix, Docker, Nginx, Let's Encrypt, Datadog
API Twitter, OpenStreetMap, GovTrack, Github, Youtube, Chrome
IDE Emacs, Android Studio, PyCharm

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