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My name is Fenimore Love and I am a software developer and data engineer at Dashlane in New York City and a Recurser . This website showcases some small and large personal projects I've worked on over the years. It is a mix of applications, libraries, and experiments. You can find everything, and other work, on Github @fenimore.

You can reach me by the usual channels, and my corner of the internet is timenotclocks.com.

This website is written with Vue.js

Some of my favorite software

Languages Python, Go, Rust, Bash, Scala, HTML/Javascript
Distributed Systems Spark, Kafka, Luigi, Airflow
Frameworks Flask, Android, Arduino, Vue.js, Bootstrap
Databases Postgres, SQLite, Parquet, TSV, Redis
Tools Unix, Git, Docker, Nginx, statsd
Editors Emacs
Linux Distributions Arch, Ubuntu, Centos

Projects Portfolio

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